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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Got to Be Real

Don't run until you can, you know, actually walk ^^ 

Half of my problem right now is getting organised. This is working wonders in real life, at least one section thereof, but everywhere else (this house, my gaming life) is now lagging behind. That's what I realised that there needs to be some realistic goals in place, for getting everything sorted will not transpire as things currently stand. Someone I don't know pointed out to me at the weekend that I'm treating people in many cases like they are really not very clever at all and I realised yesterday that's because I'm doing the same thing to myself: everybody's being lumped into my personal re-organisation and I'm handling the World in general as if they don't have the faintest idea of what's going on because that's exactly how I feel myself. There I am, utterly confident until I have to actually interact and BOOM it's arse down stairs I go.

This morning therefore, I feel the need to thank you for your help thus far. Because frankly, when it gets a bit much? You are here for me and I'm more than grateful.

Put down the torches and pitchforks please. NO, PLEASE ^^

No, I can't ask the haters to lay off. The last time THAT happened I ended up with the shitstorm you see documented on last week's blog, from a grown up who should really know better. They'll tell you, and quite rightly too, that if you stick your head up and decry what they love, that gives THEM carte blanche to throw rocks until you're unconscious. These are the undoubted pitfalls of being a public voice. I watch people being 'run off Twitter' now almost on a daily basis, and more often than not their reasoning is simple: it all got too much. The abuse, the threats, the stalkers, the obsessive need for some people to make others' lives a living hell until they get what they want and you lose. Because that is how it ends: the person being abused simply gives in and lets the abuser dominate them, as that's just easier. Trust me, it may seem that way short term, but the long term damage can often be far worse.

Mostly, this is about knowing what you're capable of tolerating, and that's where you guys come in.

The love you take is equal to the love you make.

The people who have supported me in the last few weeks... I'm not sure I will ever find a suitable means to thank you, except perhaps by showing I am listening to what you say and acting on these things in an attempt to become a better person overall. Because the advice I have received has been to a person exemplary, as everyone who has reached out has been both kind and understanding? Then I have the fuel to keep giving things back. I am moved forward by the understanding that this is what needs to be done, and I will keep doing it not just for myself, but to make others stop and think about how they can change their lives. Because I know I can do good things, and that I can help others cope and grow, and I've seen the proof of this. That means I feel I can't stop, I shouldn't, because so many other people fall by the wayside. The ones that really care and have a voice are often just not capable of doing this all the time, and that means that you need extra strength sometimes, and that's where you help me. Thank you.

Sometimes a single sentence puts everything you do into context. This tweet, amongst a sea of agreement yesterday, really stopped me in my tracks. Yes, I do care about all of this: deeply, passionately, and even when I get drowned out I'll pick myself up and come back to the moment. That's what I am, and how I function, and it can be hard to keep everything in balance. However, you have to keep going, or else the consequences are simply too terrible to comprehend. You most definitely don't want to go there, that's for damn sure.

So thank you to everybody who remains in support of what I do. May I continue to earn both your respect and trust, and may we all move forward to bigger and better things.

Without you, this would be a far darker and more frightening journey than it now is.

Monday, 8 February 2016

The Sayers :: Before

This is the latest instalment of my serialised drama. It is rated NSFW with scenes of both an adult and explicit nature. For a full list of published parts, please click here.

Next section is here



The Age of Enlightenment is close at hand: those who fight are ready, ears open and prepared.

The Earth compels, sings resonance in this moment that cannot be ignored. As points of future shift, so the path has emerged. An instant grasped, destination abruptly clear.

All that remains amongst her plans is to create the Catalyst.


The true High Sister of the ancient and revered Order of Sayers stands before the altar of this decrepit chapel, closing eyes to both age and regret. Within her mind there must be quiet: each element of distraction systematically acknowledged and removed. Repetitive military drills to the south are efficiently rehearsed and effortlessly ignored. The fussing grey geese chatter and waddle in the courtyard, removed from focus in a breath. As the contented hum of the bees collecting pollen from the recently-blossomed apple trees cease distraction from her task, from within come forth the memories that have not yet become truth. That has been imagined can now transpire. 

Those who are recognised, will eventually be joined.

The Triumvirate will be complete.

Sight is assumed dead, as she remains. Might remains a prisoner, bond they share. Light is a fugitive, as they must all become again when this is done, and their connection will bind present to past with unbreakable threads, silken cords woven in strength and passion. Three distinct points of time, drawn with need within the psyche, sides to the foretold triangle of fate. Direction runs through them all, ability to sway mind and influence body: her curse, finally distorted into their weapon.

This must be the High Sister's finest hour.

If I am remembered only for this, then I have done well.

Her flesh is irrelevant, simply vessel for transformation: you are the building: points that connect, power of the Eye and of the Vision granted. I give this future, moments you will fulfil. Again we find divine balance through my actions. Ancient bones lose aches, consciousness moved away from chaos that shifts to destroy beyond the chapel walls.

This country stands poised, civil war inevitable. Imperialism has collapsed, military subjugation pulling a population to its knees. People demand change, voices and increasing acts of terrorism that can no longer be ignored. This land will become theirs, finally to rule as they see fit. To ensure the future requires forfeits: accurately predicting inevitably demands some sacrifices. This is of little concern to those, like the True High Sister, understanding history as a continually evolving concept.

I plant these seeds within, to germinate in fertile minds. Let them grow, securing your tasks, back to the Earth that binds all. These are true Powers: inside, below and above; use them well to create the future demanded.

Twin Scrolls of Binding wait, ready for imbuing with the message now envisioned. The carrier is mixed: warm waxen seals, created with the most potent strain of Medicinal Lotus. This is stronger than anything the Apothecaries have ever sublimated, indicator that technology will no longer be ignored. The future is science and faith combined, understanding the beliefs conjoined.

Charged air around the altar quietly hums, molecules shifting, separate swirling patterns between chaos and order. The mind of the High Sister becomes one with the carrier, transposes the future to an unchanging present. Earth silently binds itself to her, complicit approval of choice. This Triumvirate, coupled with her single destiny.

We commend ourselves to the Sight, moving as it bids, completing the task seen within.

The compound, aroused and expectant, glows on both scrolls; faint phosphorescence in the darkened chamber. Residual energies spark unhindered, igniting every candle across the altar, beautiful fractal fan of ordered chaos. This is magic: frightening, unexplainable to anyone except those who See, rejoicing in the knowledge that divine balance is approaching.

Anastasia kneels, physically exhausted, sweat pouring from ancient pores. This effort expended is nothing, a trifle, part of her greater task.

The future has passed out of her hands, and will be theirs to execute. 


Next section is here

Friday, 5 February 2016

The Sayers :: Again, From the Top

And so, we begin (again)

As part of my writing process, the evolution of my style and approach, I've decided to revisit the first piece I attempted to serialise on the site in 2014 and never finished. The Sayers is ambitious even by my standards, and on revisiting the text I've decided that a fairly radical overhaul is likely to occur.

On considered reflection, all existing parts of the story are going to vanish from my site by Monday, so if you wanna steal them and pass them off as your own would like to get a flavour for what I've got on the table, you have the next two days to reacquaint yourself with the narrative. The series will be reposted, with additions and amendments, beginning on Monday. I hope to have a chapter a week to you for the rest of 2016, so this piece can finally be completed.

I'll also supplement this with some insights and unused scenes, to give you a sense of how development has taken place. Mostly, this is me trying to finish what I've started, because that matters perhaps more than the process of writing to begin with.

Thanks for supporting my work, and I look forward to seeing you here on Monday :D

Thursday, 4 February 2016

How to Disappear Completely

Dear Andrew,

I can't stop you from using my website to send me e-mail, and frankly it's not worth the effort to begin with. I really don't care who has me blocked/muted on Twitter, and because I'm not here for a popularity contest (just remember, this isn't High School) I'm really not interested in being friends, or discussing any of this anywhere any more. However, you do not have the right to tell me what I do, and you certainly don't have some kind of final say as to when and if I stop blogging about it.

People sometimes just don't get along. I'm only here because I realise that, in good conscience, I do in fact owe you an apology: I shouldn't have used the word 'destroy' in that tweet. I made a fatal error of judgement and was thinking about myself when I wrote that. You see, if I'd done all that nasty stuff you pulled last year and then someone had publicly named and shamed, it would have destroyed me. You however seem pretty capable of continuing to try and get me to do what you want. You might want to talk to your various therapists and inform them that their suggested approach on the Internet is likely not to yield expected results if the person concerned doesn't have an interest in reconciliation to begin with.

Everything I've done over this with you is in the public domain for a damn good reason: I have nothing to hide. I'd like to ask you now to leave me alone: I'm not interested in anything you might have to offer, and I have made the decision based on what I consider is a solid and sound set of circumstances. Please just stop trying to control what I do, and as soon as that happens, all your problems will just go away.

You're not blocked from responding to anything I write on the Blogs, and never have been from the issue last year. Just because you do respond does not mean I have any duty to either acknowledge you or reply.

I feel that's all there is left to say. Should you have anything to add, you can now be confident I've said all I feel needs to be on this matter. Enjoy your appearance on the GGW Podcast on Sunday.


Only Myself To Blame

A cautionary tale.
This is part of a three post series for Time To Talk Day in the UK.

This morning, I've just spent an hour or so having a conversation with someone that shouldn't have been done on Twitter. On reflection, 140 characters is woefully inadequate for the subject matter, and there's so many other discussions from this one start point that have been ignited. The problem with Twitter, and there is one, is that 140 characters aren't enough to define real intent. That's why the company's actively looking at extending the character limit: not simply to allow advertisers and news gatherers more chance to explain, but because when you have to be brief, so much is left unsaid. The bigger issue however isn't just the medium's fault: you can't blame a communication company for their product when you yourself are misinterpreted.

That's nobody's fault but your own.

Yeah, well you say *that*...

Having virtual conversations is as hard as doing real ones, and there's so much else you have to factor into the equation. For instance, if you don't know someone well and you start a dialogue, and then one of you uses a word that means one thing to them but something quite different to you? The intent is going to be quite seriously skewed. I've had that happen to me more times now online than I care to remember: a word I consider innocuous becomes a racial slur, a definition for me becomes a sexual identifier for another. When you have contact which such a diverse and intellectually vast range of individuals, there's a whole minefield out there even if you speak the same language. What you don't get with Twitter is the back-story, depth to the front, and this only tends to surface when a contentious subject rises, or you cross areas of intellectual conflict. Often, you never realise until it's too late: that joke in the week about Republicans for instance didn't go down too well in certain sectors of my timeline, but in fairness that would have become an issue eventually. Here's the more significant point: over time, using social media, you can actually get a sense of someone, and as you do, it will become apparent whether the 'relationship' you have will work or not. Once you grasp that sense, then you're able to decide how to proceed.

However, and this is crucial, you must know you're as much to blame for drama if and when it occurs as the other person.

Sorry Cher, but it's the truth.

However blameless (or clueless) you might claim to be when drama erupts around you, you're really not. You can feel free to invent theories and decide you know what Person B is thinking or doing, but unless you actually talk to them and find out? It's all supposition, theory, and even if you didn't say a word to start the current flashpoint something you've done weeks ago could easily have fuelled the fire. Sometimes the drama itself is enough for you to finally take a stand and remove that person from your feed/life once and for all, and if this is what happens then really, truthfully, that's no bad thing. The reason why I'm writing this for Time to Talk day is that's how I finally realised that actually, I needed help, and I couldn't keep blaming other people for my own failings. It wasn't either fair or right to do so, when the same things kept happening and the single contributing factor was my behaviour. There's only so long you can go making other people the reason for your drama. Eventually, if you are hiding from yourself, there has to be a reckoning. When you finally accept that you are as much to blame as everyone else you choose to attack?

Many things will simply change for the better.


Living with people is hard. Don't let anyone tell you its not and those people who seem to be able to just sail through life regardless? You'd be surprised how difficult it is for them. Often these are the people who we rely on: parents, carers, hard working people who can't vocalise their feelings as well as the mouthy, gobby ones who seem to spend their entire existences making noise. Everyone deserves to be listened to, and if you choose to cut anyone out of your life, make sure you are VERY certain and confident in your reasoning. I'm making noise this morning in the vain hope that people get to grasp that actually, you do what you know best in order to help people. For me, that's words, and these ones are a reminder that however worthy and confident you are in yourself, you can and will be wrong in your life. Many, many times. The trick is how you deal with it, and the ability to come out of yourself and be honest when it matters may be the difference between life and death. Because, ultimately, in a world obsessed with communication, many of us are still unable to string sentences together with certain words or concepts that we can't or won't grasp.

Today is a Time to Talk: to someone you trust, to a friend, or even to a relative stranger. Today is a day to reach out and ask for help. This is a moment to grasp and exploit, for your own future and good health. Yes, I know how frightening that can be, trust me, but if you can find it within yourself to do so?

A whole new world is out there for you to discover.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Rip it Up

Yeah Alan, I know ^^ 

Today is not going great, let's be honest. I have a sick daughter upstairs, a washing machine that may (or may not) be about to refuse to give me my washing back, thus facilitating an engineer and a lot of stress on the back of having a huge pile of sick covered bedding to deal with. Plus, my very useful set of Bluetooth headphones look as if they are trashed. Yes, all of these inconveniences are just that: things, stuff, items that do not matter in the greater scheme of life. However, the e-mail I just received is something else, and because the person who sent it will at some point be reading this?

Well, this post is especially for you.

Yes, you did treat me vilely, especially when I wouldn't do what you wanted. Yes, you were blocked on Twitter for a very good reason, because nobody needs that kind of crap in their life. I think what was particularly telling for me was the way you reacted after it happened, and that said to me that I'd been wise in my choice to block to begin with. However, if the only reason you can bring to the table for your request that I unblock is because you don't like seeing 'gaps' in your conversations? I'm sorry, but no. You still don't get how this works, not simply for me and many others. Communication is not centred around making things complete, it is based on a simple process of give and take, and if all one side is prepared to do is take in order to make themselves happy? Then that's not how this works.


You wrote your mail in a manner that tells me you have a long way to go in the way you treat others, especially me. I appreciate there is an apology here, but it is not enough. If I'm honest, I doubt you will ever be able to apologise enough for not simply how you acted, but how you now approach me with what you consider an olive branch. So, there is nothing else to say. Because I don't want to embarrass you, I give no names or indication of who you are. But please know this: I am no longer part of your life by choice, and the sooner you choose to forget your desire to control me, the better it will be for you. This is the last time I wish to communicate on this matter, and that's me done.

It is time for you to move on.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

When Doves Cry

Stuffing your face at the Internet buffet. 

From time to time, I realise that there has to be a limit to what I consume on the Internet. However noble you want to be, trying to fix every problem on the Planet you encounter is neither possible or advisable. Overreaching is dangerous and can make you look foolish. Most importantly, knowing when to walk away from Internet Drama is a life skill I wish far more people would learn and exercise. Fortunately in my home situation I have people I can trust to guide me in the right direction when I become to obsessed with what I'm doing, or (more importantly) when it starts damaging my actual quality of life.

However, none of this has any point if I don't sit and work out why this occurs to begin with.

Once upon a time, I assumed there had to be an explanation for everything, that if something bad happened there would inevitably be a cause as well as an effect. Except what has eventually become clear over time is that many people are just so wrapped up in their own worlds to even notice you exist, let alone become part of yours. I've written about obsession on the Personal Blog, but today I'm thinking about how the contrary position operates: that I'm the one people want to be friends with, I'm the ideal they're trying to become a part of. How does it work when the positions are reversed and someone wants you in their lives, but you're not sure it would ever work to begin with?


I was taught to be polite to everybody, and not to deliberately rude or disrespectful. However, inevitably, you can't follow everything. It also becomes apparent, over time, the people who don't interact in a manner that you can cope with easily, and then you have a choice. You can tell them politely what the problem is, and hope they respond, or you can ignore them. The most frequent one I get is from men on Twitter who think that if they treat me like an object and not actually a person, then I'll somehow find this endearing and want to interact regardless. The fact they've not even bothered to treat me like a human being to begin with is part of the issue: their regard for me is clearly far, far higher than mine for them, and undoubtedly a lot of this is erroneously conceived. Yes, I know how fucking arrogant that sounds written down, but I watch how people react, as if I am some kind of unique and special flower only worthy of praise and attention... and no. Just no.

You people know who you are. I'm not your Senpai, your Saviour or indeed your Fantasy. Please just go away.

Sadly however, it isn't that easy. You can't just flick a switch and hope people get the message. Most of the drama I see is inevitably centred around a basic conceit 'I thought I was your friend and now clearly I'm not.' The thing is, friendship doesn't work like that. You both need to input stuff, over time. Yes, this can be very easily accomplished on the Internet, or a webpage, or in Guild Chat. However, the fact remains that if it's only one person doing the work, that's never going to end well. So just sitting there and expecting the other person to be the instigator may work for some of the time but in the end, you won't have much to show. It's a long, complicated and often hard to navigate road that you never stop travelling if you want things to be right. For instance, once I've written this I'm going to spend 30 minutes watching a play through video from someone who I count as an honest and genuine friend of mine who thinks that he might have a future in You Tube. The fact he doesn't sound very confident at his ability says to me I'm going to have my work cut out. That's when being a friend is hard, because honesty needs to be very carefully worded.

I do my best to talk to everyone I meet on social media. I don't ignore people unless they give ME a very good reason. If you want to be my friend? Just talk to me like an equal.

If you can do that, then there's a fighting chance it might work.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

CONTEST :: Win Star Wars Swag!

As this is general genre related and not Warcraft-based? Gonna stick this contest here. Follow the instructions, WIN SWAG :D


Friday, 15 January 2016

You Wear It Well

This is where we begin.

Before I start, everybody has homework. In order to understand what follows? You need to read this article on how not to say the wrong thing. If you don't read that and then continue onwards? You've missed the entire point of this post.

One of the many problems currently with building relationships almost exclusively using social media is that of context. Just because you know something, doesn't mean everybody does. Take that time for instance when my brother was taken into Hospital for a brain scan. Now, that sound pretty serious, right? I thought so, but did anyone in my family decide I warranted informing of this? Nope. The only time I found out was after it happened, and then only third hand. Sometimes, you are deliberately kept out of the loop. Other times, the stuff that's common knowledge to Person A in Country B is lost on their 'friend' halfway across the world. Things that seem to happen with a matter of course in your State or County? Complete mystery elsewhere. The point here is simple: context matters.

Bye, Alan ^^

Now take that a step further, where something I write about in the heat of anger, relevant to stuff only I understand and isn't really that well explained, gets taken completely out of context by someone else. If this just happened this morning I'd not be here, but I can count... well this week I'd need more than one hand to do so and that means its time to do some soul searching. Am I to blame because what I write isn't clearly alluding to my point of view? Is this me being vague and indistinct as to my desires and reasoning. In at least one case, nope, genuine ignorance was the key. Complete, unabashed and total ignorance. It's happened before too, this is not unusual. You just chalk them down to experience and move on. However when the conflicts are deeply personal, I'm sorry, but I don't get to shoulder all the blame.

That's where the diagram comes in.

Ziegler and me, sitting in a tree, VIRTUALLY INVISIBLY.

I cannot solve your problems. I'm not a doctor, and I can't make you better. Guilting me into feeling bad when I can't talk to you is wrong. Also it's really not my fault I wrote something that you didn't like. I'm not your friend either. I know you feel as if we're close, or that I speak to you in a way you can grasp and understand, but if you look at that diagram above? You are in the middle of your own emotional storm and there I am, the outside ring, only a lookie loo to your issues. You cannot drag me into the inner circle without a LOT of work and possibly a divorce, and I'm really sorry, I didn't write this about you. If I reach out and talk, I do so because that's what you do when you're bought up to be polite and not a twat to random strangers. The fact remains, I cannot help you get better. I cannot solve your problems, I'm not a therapist and I'm certainly absolutely not an expert on anything other than my own personal feelings. So what does the girl who wants to help but knows she can't change everything do in situations such as this? Especially when she knows people are aggrieved and potentially upset because their context and hers don't even overlap?

There's not a fucking thing I can do. That's your job.

Ain't that the truth.

When I make factual errors, you can be all over me, and that's what happens now because when you reach a certain threshold, people will make it their task to correct you. When it happens you apologise, profusely and with absolutely no hubris whatsoever. Facts are intractable. You just gotta live with your stupid, and although people will tell you not to be so hard on yourself, that's actually quite healthy, because so many people never even stop to think why they may have been wrong to begin with. However, for all the other times? No, I didn't mean to drag all this up, but now its here it's not a bad idea you try and deal with it, rather than pretend it doesn't happen. Because if you genuinely want me or anyone else to get past that first circle? It's your job to bring the walls down, and then to deal with what happens if it all goes wrong. I've lost count of the number of people I've desperately wanted to know better and who have completely shut me out. You don't get lucky every time, trust an expert on failed relationships here. Just because I lucked out with a significant other early on doesn't mean it was smooth sailing either. Everything requires effort, people more so.

I am not your salvation.

For many people, social media is both a blessing and a curse. It allows you to interface with like minded souls when none exist in your town or city. It can often substitute for reality, but ultimately you need both sides of the coin to exist, and that's hard. I struggle in my life to balance everything: work, home, school, net, games... and undoubtedly at times, things suffer. Then you have a week like this when all you do is sleep and eat and work and try and feel nothing because everything just hurts when you touch it. You fuck up. But instead of just moving on, occasionally, you use the moment as a line drawn. You resolve to be better, you work on forward and not static or reverse. This is my 50th year on the planet and I urge all of you who look to me for guidance and support to start with yourselves. You are the strongest person you know, and the kindest, and the most determined if you only allow yourself the opportunity to believe in your own worth. You don't need other people to reinforce this, you need only to discover the belief inside yourself.

Go and be the awesome you are, and let yourself believe this is possible, because it is. When you fall down, undoubtedly, you'll find me here too. Everybody fails. That's just a part of life.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

It's Oh So Quiet

Oh, social media ^^ 

Today's post is prompted by someone yesterday, and another person last week, and that tweet from Friday. It's a response to a question I see people ask more and more when it becomes obvious that curation has become a 'thing' for someone's Social Media feed, and that somebody else who's effectively been 'curated' has worked this out. Speaking as someone who makes liberal use of both mute and unfollow in Twitter clients? Maybe it's time to explain to people what the fuck goes on in my mind, as a guide to how things work on a larger scale. The fact I even have to do this is testament to how much people now place significance in virtual relationships, and that worried me greatly. No matter, let's get to it.

The question today?

You clearly have me muted. Why don't you unfollow me?

Let's stop the bus right here.


Thing #1, and this is kind of vital to all of the stuff that follows, is that in most cases you shouldn't be asking this question in Public to begin with. If it bothers you that much that you're talking to someone and they *appear* to have stopped communicating with you? Go ask them directly. Last time this happened to me, the person concerned was *very* public, extremely shirty and left of their own accord, because for some people the assumption is simple. If they follow you, you need to be paying attention 24/7. Needless to say? Not how life works. The fact I'd muted him because of that attitude to begin with shows that sometimes, its quite easy to predict that two people will rub each other up the wrong way. You become your own barometer, and as soon as selfish behaviour begins to manifest? You have a choice: walk away, or don't.

Six hours later? Nope, sorry, had enough ^^

Thing #2 is a little more subtle. There are some people you have no problem having around, but their output is so prolific that you simply want a rest from it. So, from time to time, you just turn them down. That, after all, is what mute really means. In most cases, these people end up as a reflection of what you are as a person, like it or not, and it's a salutatory lesson on how NOT to Social Media. You don't put every thought and feeling down. You don't talk into darkness because you're alone and needy. Mostly, you just look at the words coming out of your mouth and learn to regulate the flow. For some people this is actually impossible, and when that happens, then you just turn them down. Mostly it doesn't matter, and in the main they don't notice. It's like your parents having sex: yes, they did, maybe they still do, but you don't need to know when they are. Become an arbiter of your own tolerances, and act accordingly.

I know how many people have me muted. Yes, I'm learning.

Don't give me that look, I'm the Boss here ^^

Thing #3 you're not going to like. Not only were you right and yes I have you muted, but you will get removed. No, I'm not going to tell you when, because that only causes more drama. In fact as you read this it has already happened, and I've moved on, and only now is it apparent what transpired. Now, when this happens to me (and it does with more regularity than you might think) I can go back through my followers list, work out when it happened and attempt a shoddy and completely pointless post mortem on the reasoning, followed by some hastily-concocted and thinly veiled subtweets which make no sense to anyone but me and probably just confuse more people on my feed to begin with. And that's when you stop. I shouldn't have to write an entire blog post on why some random person left you high and dry. This isn't life, it's the sanitised and manufactured 21st Century Version of finding out you got thrown out of your Treehouse Comic Club. You're not nine any more. It doesn't matter.

Get over it and move on.


In truth, the sensible people don't follow you anyway. They have you on a List, or pick up your stuff via an App. Following is becoming increasingly passe for a large number of professionals who understand that actually, you don't want people knowing who you're listening to, because that makes it easier to see who they 'borrowed' their ideas from. More importantly, it prevents them from operating without being detected, and in a World where metrics are everything? That's kind of a big deal. Mostly, I shouldn't feel the need to write posts like this but I continually do, simply to remind those of you still thinking this is the Playground that although you may still be learning? This is not your clique, or your gang, or any other metaphor you decide to swing at the problem.

People meet, they interact, and then often they simply move on. If you are placing far too much significance on why that happens, you need to look to yourself as the issue before you even try and blame other people.

Often, you are the real problem. Take it from someone who grasps this fact only too well.